Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Startup Accelerator Program FAQ


What is 2030 Ventures? How is it different than other accelerators?
Our differentiation is that we are truly here to accelerate startups and brands and are more flexible than many other programs. In a practical sense this may mean that we pitch you to other partnered angel investor networks, private equity, venture capital, financial institutions, high-net-worth individuals and other sources of capital or advising.

Unlike traditional “accelerators” we are not just focused on bringing in and churning dozens of startups every 3 months to find a winner, we work with brands as long-term partners providing varying levels of resources to truly ride with them towards success.

Other than just bringing in outside syndication partners, we are open to alternative compensation outside of just equity, not limited to but including: joint venture partnerships, affiliate relationships, consulting engagements and more. Different than a more physically focused incubator, we believe in being resourceful and helping digital or physical brands remotely and in-person when available but without sponsoring office space in most cases. This helps us focus on the true operations, fundraising and marketing rather than space for teammates.

What types of companies do you fund or accelerate?
We fund and accelerate startups ranging across many verticals and industries but typically focus on web-based services, products and platforms. Cash intensive brands such as physical products may require additional R&D, prototyping, marketing, manufacturing and inventory storage which make us much more selective about which opportunities we participate in.

Do you require equity and stock of our brand to participate in brand acceleration?
Every deal and opportunity is different and sharing equity with us is not always required. However, as entrepreneurs and investors we believe in ensuring proper incentive is in place to encourage a long-term relationship and a strong mutual-drive for success. We may be able to work out a joint-venture or paid consulting arrangement as an alternative in some situations. Stock may provide the best motivation for our team to provide the advising, introductions, strategy and fundraising that we believe is critical to success.

Do we need to be local to Orange County to participate in the Accelerator?
No, we are interested in accelerating entrepreneurs and brands around the world. Money and advising are resources that can be utilized globally.

However, our investor and accelerator network is strongest along the west coast of the US; with some central and east coast focuses as well, primarily including territories such as:

> Orange County, Ca
> Los Angeles, Ca
> San Diego, Ca

> San Francisco, Ca (Silicon Valley)

> Houston, Tx

> New York, NY
> Washington, D.C.

Will you admit solo founders to your program?
Yes! Although many angel investors and institutions we may syndicate with may want to see a full team; we are entrepreneurs and understand that often times an idea starts with one person and must grow from there.

A strong team is still important for your brand in order to have the bandwidth and resources to implement the recommendations that our investors and advisors provide.

If we don’t make it into your accelerator program can you still help us?
Yes! Even if we do not decide to invest capital, we may be interested in referring your opportunity to other investors and providing advisement. Alternatively we also offer other services to startups on a consulting basis including fundraising, deal packaging, pitch deck & ppm design, business plan writing, and other relevant offerings. In some scenarios there may exist opportunities to establish a joint-venture  partnership or affiliate relation, among other business model and relationship types.

What rounds of funding are you open to participating or fundraising in?
Seed round through d round and above. We are able to put your deal in front of angel investors, private equity brands, venture capitalists, institutions and other high-net-worth individuals that have access to capital ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions collectively.

If we are not accepted into the program can we apply again? How can we increase our odds of being accepted in?
Yes, we would love to keep up with the progress of your startup. The best way to improve your odds is to incorporate the feedback and advice given during your last application. Working with our advisors on a consulting basis may also help you improve your branding and messaging, packaging, positioning and other factors that may align you better with our investment and syndication network.

Do you provide feedback/advice to startups that are not accepted into the program?
Yes, even if you are not initially accepted into the program we will provide high-level feedback and recommendations that can be made. There may be items that can be fixed easily by working with our technical and marketing arm, Emerging Media Partners.

Am I too early stage for 2030 Ventures?
No! Often the biggest opportunities for investors are when they can get in early and help pivot and position the brand from the start. Equity is also more cost-effective, although riskier, for investors early on which can be advantage for both-parties.

Who reviews my application?
The 2030 Ventures founding team initially and potentially members on our board of advisors if interest is strong.

What criteria makes for a strong application/applicant?
There are many things we look for in a deck/business plan/application ranging from how disruptive the opportunity is, whether it is aligned with our investor network, and if the goals/plan seem realistic.

> Entrepreneur’s Passion & Industry Knowledge
> Ability to execute & team competency
> Competitive advantage & marketability

Who can apply?
Any brand around the world. Although we do like early stage companies, it is much more difficult to secure investment from our syndication network if you are pre-revenue or have years of further research and development ahead before you can launch. Our primary focus are United States brands (though they may target global customers) as this is our home and we, along with our investors, are most protected legally.

Is there a cut-off date for applications?
Currently we do not have any hard cut-off dates and allow submissions year round. Business never stops, and we don’t want to create false barriers to deal flow, plus we too are 24/7 entrepreneurs and live and breath startups. More importantly, we provide many of our resources virtually to entrepreneurs around the world so are not under some of the limitations that many physical office space providing incubators and accelerators are.

Should I personally reach out to your investors, partners, or mentors to generate interest?
No. We receive many opportunities from entrepreneurs and startups and so do many of the investors that participate with us on deals. Your best bet is a warm referral from us after we have reviewed your deal and can make an educated pitch to our network on your behalf and/or with you.

Can I apply to more than one accelerator or incubator?
Not every startup or brand is a right fit for us or other accelerators. We definitely recommend doing research about us prior to filling out your application. Regardless of industry, current sales, or location among other factors, we are quite open to reviewing your business opportunity and letting you know if it is something we or our partner syndication network may be interested in putting resources or capital behind. That said, it is in your best interest to see what opportunities are out there; although we do hope you present us the chance to participate.