Our mission is to accelerate funding of companies with products that can impact 1 billion people by 2030.

Investors and founders, one platform to connect them all.

We don’t like being limited as entrepreneurs and realize that getting funded and finding deals is already tough enough. It was time to found a platform that wasn’t just for crowd funding, or only real estate deals… let investors explore it all based on their preferences.


Our platform is dedicated to breaking down the barriers and walls between different types of investors and raises. Let angels play in Series B and VC’s discover some seed deals that they can diversify with for an early age portfolio segent.

EMPowering global innovation – Technology, Invesment & Marketing

As a family of brands, we are purpose-built to provide the resources that growing ventures need from the capital to the strategy, and market roll out. We’re passionate about serving the communities of investors, entrepreneurs, impact and socially conscious businesses around the world.

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Built on over 20 years of entrepreneurship and leadership, our 2030 Family of Brands delivers technology, services and capital for innovative and fast-growing brands around the world looking to scale, enter new markets, and make a sizable impact. Our team has served clients of all sizes from Fortune 500 to idea-stage ventures that require resources to materialize into reality. Our executive team believes in democratizing access to growth resources whether strategic, financial or technology based and has created an eco-system that can complement ventures across industries, markets, and across borders.

What our Brand Family Promise to you means:

  • Easy access to an expansive network of investors, entrepreneurs, solution providers and experts
  • World class experts and leaders in their field to guide you and drive growth and market reach
  • Proven team with high-touch, human support you can rely on
  • Ongoing investment into existing & new solution offerings to sustain and accelerate your brand’s true potential
  • Commitment to changing the world through service 24/7/365

It’s this promise that makes our entrepreneurial ecosystem unique and so valuable to help the

World’s Most Impactful Brands

High-performance marketing and technology agency consulting brands of all sizes across the world. EMP helps brands build out the custom technology, design creative media assets, and advertise to drive revenue, manage and support growth.

Products: Managed technology and marketing services, Custom web and mobile development, digital advertising, automation, cloud infrastructure & hosting

Investor Network and fully integrated suite of Investor Relations (IR) services to help companies expedite their capital raise and secure funding. The GCN team has raised millions for ventures across verticals.

Solutions: Investor Relations, Global Investor Outreach, Collateral Design, IR Web Portals, Capital Raising Services, Live Pitch Events

It is our mission to accelerate the capital funding, technological development, and market adoption of impactful products and services from innovative brands. Fostering entrepreneurship with leadership and strategy.