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Investor Network Overview

Types of investors ranging from Angels to Venture Capital Family Offices, Private Equity, Funds, Investment Banks, Accelerators, High-Net-Worth-Individuals and investor syndication networks


Entrepreneur Capital Raising

Assistance from deal packaging through pitch decks and collateral to advisory, structuring and valuations, to live investor pitch events we host 


Investor Introductions & 1 on 1 meetings

Setting you up with warm introductions to investors registered with us who have expressed interest in your types of deals. 

Connecting Investors & Entrepreneurs

We provide access to great startups for investors to get early access to and also help entrepreneurs tighten up their pitches, presentations and docs. Fundable brands move into our investor introductions and investor relations programs.

Deal flow access is for accredited investors private or institutional. Register your preferences and get targeted investment opportunities by location, vertical, funding size, and an array of pro only filters.


Our mission is to help change the world by helping connect funding and accelerate impact ventures and forward thinking entrepreneurs everywhere. 

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Angel Investors & Angel Networks

From the heads of various angel networks to the angels that make them up across the world

Institutional Investment Firms

Deals from the millions into the hundreds of millions and billions, realty to biotech & more

Single &Multi Family Offices

Enabling SFO and MFO's to access deal flow from impact to real estate, tech, bio & more

Private Equity (PE) Firms & Divisions

Deals that match your EBITDA requirements, equity cap table adjustment room & more 

Investor Syndication Groups

Find opportunities perfect for sharing between larger investor groups across industries & geos

Seed & Early Stage Investors

Young startups and pre-revenue companies looking for bridges, strategy & resources

Impact Investors & Philanthropists

Help us change the world by looking at great sustainable ventures looking for funding

Foreign Investors & Investment Agents

Explore deals within other countries and strategic regions of interest to you globally

Crowdfunding Investors & Networks

Investment opportunities going after public or private CF raises from all verticals of interest

Venture Capital (VC) Investors

Fast growing brands with impressive IP to deploy your investors capital to & manage

Public Exchange & OTC Investors

Alerts when public deals arise including pre-IPO offers and reverse mergers coming to market

Government Investment Branches

Offer an ecosystem for GOV entrepreneurial branches to place capital & promote talent

Funds & Fund of Funds (FOF)

Diversify your portfolio with brands of various sizes across different verticals to match need

High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)

Access to services and deal flow suited to your investment appetite and preferences

Strategic Investors & Board Members

Find brands that match your background and resource pool perfect for deeper involvement


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